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Installment AgreementsWhen the collections department becomes involved in un-collected or un-filed taxes is when you, the taxpayer, usually begins to feel the heavy hand of the IRS. With tax liens, levies, or tax due notices you are dealing with the Internal Revenue Service on their terms.

Get an Installment Payment Agreement

We can help you set up an installment agreement (payment plan) on your terms which will satisfy the collections department. We will assist you in preparing financial statement forms, if required by the IRS.

Once submitted, the IRS will leave you alone as long as you keep make payments according to your installment payment agreement. And then you are free to figure out how to resolve the entire amount owed through other means. These same financial statements are used in filing an offer-in-compromise if you decide to take this next step to lower the amount you owe. You might also be determined to be un-collectible by the government in which case you do not even need to make payments. It all depends on your financial situation.

With our help, the IRS may simply leave you alone in the near term and attempt collections when your financial picture improves.

Stand up to the IRS and deal with them on your terms.
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