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tax liensThe IRS may file tax liens and levy your wages or bank account as a part of their collection efforts for back taxes. These actions can cause you the taxpayer great stress.

Get Help With Tax Liens & Wage Levies

Our office can help STOP these actions by the IRS. Often times we accomplish this with a single phone call giving you the time and peace of mind to work with us to fix the problem that caused your IRS problems in the first place.

The IRS may require you to provide financial information and set up an installment agreement to remove a levy. Or you might work through resolving the entire debt through an offer-in-compromise which will remove the tax lien.

Be sure you work with us or someone experienced in working through the detailed IRS procedures that frequently change. Our affordable CPA services offer competent and professional advice.

We will take that concern off your mind at the same time. Contact us now for a free consultation on developing a workable strategy on how to resolve your IRS problems easily and affordably.

In any case, doing nothing will cause the problem to become worse. Keep in mind that while resolving past tax problems and removing tax levies and liens you are required to keep up with current tax obligations. Here are tips to prevent problems with the IRS.

We will help you get your life back.
FREE ½ Hour Initial Consultation: For a free consultation on how to remove a tax lien or levy, give us a call or send an e-mail.

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