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owe-taxHave you received a letter from the IRS? Is the IRS threatening collection of back taxes owed? Have they seized your bank account with a levy? Or worse, has the IRS contacted your employer and is now taking your paycheck leaving you with no money to live on? Don’t know what to do? RELAX.

We Can Help Reduce the Back Tax Burden

Our firm can help you every step of the way. First, we will contact the IRS and take the steps needed to release the bank account levy or wage garnishment. We can usually get this accomplished with a single phone call. Then, we will attempt to set up an IRS installment agreement that lets you deal with the Internal Revenue Service on your own terms. You might discover that an offer in compromise (OIC) is right for your situation and, if so, we can help with that detailed process.

But don’t put it off any longer. Doing nothing about your IRS problem will only make things worse. Sometimes, much worse.

FREE ½ Hour Initial Consultation: For a free, no-obligation consultation on how to best resolve back taxes owed and remove the intimidation factor of the IRS, contact us by phone or e-mail with your questions.

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